5 Fragrances for MEN which drive Women Wild

On the 14th February it is Valentines day again.
Wouldn’t it be a nice gesture to buy your man a gorgeous scent…
Something that will make him smell heavenly…

And something to drive YOU absolutely wild.
Trust me, its not selfish.
He’ll be over the moon that you are crazy about him.

Like women’s there are also so many fragrances fo men out there. To be honest, I think I would rather use the male version myself most of the time. They seem to last longer than women’s, and I do prefer the smell…although it’s probably because aftershave makes my sense of smell explode with satisfaction!

For me, I think a man’s fragrance has to have certain elements to drive a woman wild!

  • It can’t be the same aftershave which my father wears… for obvious reasons too strange.
  • It needs to smell clean and fresh in the daytime… something to energise me.
  • It has to have woody or spicy notes within… to reveal a dark masculine side for the evening.
  • It shouldn’t be too over-powering. I want to get close enough to him to smell it.
  • It should be provocative so when he leaves I can still smell him and want more.

The following five fragrances for men (not in any particular order), may not be to everybody’s taste.
They can be purchased at major leading department stores.

Hugo Boss: Very masculine, yet sweet, fresh and spicy at the same time. A friend of mine wears this all the time, and I warn him not to, because it drives me crazy… he is always a little embarassed because I smell his face all day like a little puppy!

Hugo Boss Dark Blue: An evening fragrance which my boyfriend wears. It is very sophisticated yet provocative… I never want to leave his side and if we are clubbing i make sure he dances close to me!

Cool Water: This is the ultimate sexy classic! It is fresh and reminds me of sporty guys who have just swam in the ocean! I think this is the aftershave I would never get bored of!

Joop!: My first boyfriend used to wear this he told me he used to take it off his older brother…and I think as a teenager I fell in love with his smell rather than him! ! It is very intoxicating and sensual with ingredients including warm honey, vanilla, cinnamon, tobacco and vetiver; making it even sound sexy!

Armani Black Code: Described as “the ultimate code of seduction”, this latest fragrance from Armani is everything what it say’s! This was the present I bought my boyfriend for Christmas, and he knows exactly what to do to turn me on now. He place a few drops on his face and kisses me… instantly I go weak at the knees!

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  1. Satheesh says:

    nice article i need more brands info like this



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